Nike get kids active in Brazil

Nike have partnered with the City of Rio de Janeiro to help the areas youth get more active and give young athletes the best opportunity to reach their sporting potential.

The aim of the project is to tackle the childhood inactivity issues in urban Brazil, home to the least active kids in Latin America. Together they have identified 22 community and sports recreation centres across the city, known as Rio’s “Olympic Villages” as the focus of the project. Four of these are being renovated and all will receive training in youth sports programming, Nike products and equipment.

Consulting with a wide range of youth experts from NGOs to local artists they’ve identified the greatest barriers to sports for these young Brazilians. They’re tackling lack of money, lack of transport and mobility, safety issues and poor infrastructure across the 6.4 million population of Rio.

With the backdrop of the Rio 2016 Olympics they hope to motivate a new generation towards a new way of life. Nike staff and volunteers will join to train teachers to deliver positive sporting experiences in spaces that inspire movement and break down barriers identified in their research. Nike will then look to roll out this approach to other parts of the world.

Nike Community Impact

Nike are leading the way in tackling the growing problem of childhood inactivity across the world by inspiring and helping communities to get kids active. Designing strong new initiatives underpinned by expert research and passion, they’re driving positive change in all corners of the globe. We continue to support Nike in their Community Impact work and share their goal to get kids active and excited about sport again!

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