Camp Policies

Below you will find a list of things that will help to achieve a positive learning environment on camp. Please ask a member of staff if you do not understand them.

  • No stealing, fighting, bullying or persistent bad behaviour

  • There will be no drinking of alcohol

  • In England it is illegal for under 18’s to buy cigarettes.  Smoking is not permitted on any of our courses

  • The use of any drug is strictly prohibited

  • All players must attend all meals, activities and social programmes as well as the camp excursions

  • Damage to property and firefighting equipment will not be tolerated.  Players who are found causing damage will be charged.  The whole group will be charged for any damage to accommodation and venue property when and if an individual cannot be found responsible

  • Players are not permitted to enter restricted areas – all of these areas will have clearly visible signs

  • Players are not allowed to go off campus at any time without permission and should not leave their accommodation block at night.  Under no circumstances should players leave the venue grounds without staff supervision

  • Rooms must be kept tidy to allow cleaners to clean

  • At venues with a swimming pool - players must not enter the swimming pool area at any time on their own, without a lifeguard

Any player found to be persistently spoiling the environment of other players on the camp or breaking these rules will be asked to leave.

These rules will be enforced by all members of our staff.

If you see another child doing any of these things, please inform a member of staff.