Coaching groups

Football & Field Hockey
We primarily group our players depending on age so they are all able to receive the best coaching experience possible.

Players are grouped by ability and fitness.  Age is also a consideration but usually, playing ability determines who plays in which group

We understand that players coming to our camps may want to be in the same group as their older siblings or friends, but we believe this grouping policy gives each player the safest and most appropriate coaching for them to develop as players.


English groups

Our English classes are grouped by students’ English language ability and age. These classes are formed after each player has completed their short language test.

Room sharing

Our camps are organised in age groups to ensure each player has a safe and fun experience during their stay. Therefore when selecting rooms for our players, we follow a two-year age rule which means that each player will be sharing with others of a similar age.

We attempt to accommodate everyone’s needs when organising rooms; you can request to share a room with another player on camp as long as both players are within two years of each other. You can make this request during your booking process.

Keeping in contact during camp

We understand that for some of our players, being away from home can be a little stressful to begin with. This is only natural. All our experienced staff are fully trained in identifying and dealing with players who are worried about being away from home. We believe that the majority of players will settle in and love their time on camp after a day or two of meeting new friends and taking part in lots of fun activities! Therefore, we do ask that you keep contact to camp minimal, especially during the first 3 days – but we will of course inform you if there are any persistent issues that occur. We will also pass on any personal messages that you can send to us via email. A senior member of our staff is always available should you wish to contact us to ask about your child.

Behaviour during camp

Whether you are a professional sports person or a player at our camp, you are expected to do your best both on and off the sports field. Our camp regulations and behaviour policy are designed to ensure that each player is safe and enjoys their time on all of our camps. YOU CAN VIEW THE CAMP REGULATIONS HERE.

We respond quickly to issues of fighting, verbal and physical intimidation or persistent bad behaviour. Our camps also provide a professional sporting environment and therefore the use of alcohol, tobacco and drugs are strictly prohibited.