The welfare of each and every child on our camps is vitally important. We ask for your assistance to ensure the safety and security of your child during their time with us. Please ensure you provide us with all the relevant medical, emergency contact and travel information for your child, at least 1 month prior to arrival.

We will have a dedicated Child Welfare team on-site all day and night to cater for the needs of all players. All staff on our camps are dedicated to the safety and wellbeing of every child, both physically and emotionally. We select, employ and train all our pastoral staff personally, using our years of experience to pick the best people for the job.

Away from home

We understand that during the first few days of the camp, players may miss home. Our staff are trained to spot players who are homesick and offer support and comfort. In our experience, as players settle into the camp any homesickness subsides as they begin their activities and making new friends. 

Our staff are also trained to identify any emotional changes or abnormalities in a players’ behaviour and will ensure they are fully supported to overcome any issues and make the best of their time with us.

In order for the players to make the most of their time on camp, we operate a phone 'bank' system. We look after the players' phones in a secure 'bank' for the majority of the time. They are able to collect their phones each evening during their free time from the bank, and then return the phones before they go to bed. This helps ensure phones don't get lost during sports sessions, distract players during English or keep them up at night and makes for a great social camp atmosphere.

Sports Therapy

A fully qualified sports therapist will be present during sports sessions to assess injuries and treat them accordingly. They will also be on-site all day to offer support and advice. All of our venues are within 30 minutes of a hospital and if anything urgent occurs the child is taken to hospital immediately. Our coaches help to minimise the number of injuries by ensuring that all children actively partake in an extended warm-up and cool-down before and after every session.

If a player has sustained an injury prior to the camp, please inform a member of staff as soon as possible. The sports therapist will assess the injury on arrival and offer advice. All staff will be notified of the injury so they can monitor any changes. We take great care when dealing with minor injuries, treating them thoroughly.

Kit and equipment

On all of our camps there will be some kit or equipment that children are required to wear or use during their sessions. We will provide you with a full packing list to assist you with preparing for camp after you have made a booking. Vital kit includes things like shin pads for football, proper footwear and of course a racket for tennis. 

Avoiding Blisters

New trainers, particularly in the summer when the ground is hard, can cause blisters. If your child has new trainers we advise to ‘wear them in’ before the camp starts, to avoid the risk of blisters. We can treat blisters, along with any other minor injuries – abrasions, strains and bruising.

Diet, nutrition and hydration

We monitor each player to ensure they are eating and drinking enough during the course. Water is available at the side of every sports field and court, and our coaches ensure players are constantly re-hydrating. We also talk to the children about key food groups and the importance of a healthy diet.