Why work for CMT Learning?

CMT Learning is committed to providing the highest quality residential sports and English language summer camps in the UK for children aged 8 - 17. If you take pride in supporting the development of young people and can fuel their enthusiasm for sport and learning, then you could be a valuable member of our welfare team – responsible for the safety and wellbeing of young players on our camps. All our welfare roles are residential and available in July and August, during our summer camps.

Working on our summer camps you'll get…

First-rate training, a close-knit and supportive team working environment, a valuable learning experience with a leading name in sport, and real development opportunities. All your meals and accommodation are provided by us, as well as access to some fantastic sporting facilities in our top summer school venues. Players who join our camps come from all over the world, offering a unique opportunity to broaden yours and their understanding of different countries and cultures.

In exchange we ask for…

A real passion and commitment from our staff during the camps – it’s a 24/7 environment and everyone gets stuck in. Candidates need to be passionate about the development of young people, able to represent one of the best brands in sport, and possess relevant qualifications or experience, particularly in senior roles. All members of staff attend a training day before they begin work with us.

Below is an overview of each role. Please download the list of job descriptions for full details.


Your role will be to support and inspire our young players in all aspects of camp life outside the classroom and off the sports field. As a member of the pastoral team you will work on the front-line of camp delivery, ensuring players are rested, happy, safe, nourished and engaged in camp life. Supported by a team of like-minded staff, you will live in the boarding houses with the players, eat with them, encourage them and help to create and run their evening activities programme. This role is suited to energetic university students and graduates who enjoy working with children, enjoy sports, can demonstrate a passion for youth development, and are looking to start a career in teaching, sports or related industries.


As a senior member of the pastoral care team you will be responsible for leading and motivating the pastoral team to take the best possible care of our young players. You will be the safeguarding and child protection lead on the camp as well as looking after players’ medication and their wellbeing. Suitable candidates will be trained in child protection/safeguarding and have experience working with young people in a professional capacity which you can share with the pastoral team. This role is suited to those currently working in education who have a positive energy and enthusiasm as well as the maturity and experience to deal with sensitive issues appropriately when required.


As well as being part of the pastoral team at key points during the day, you will support the whole staff team in planning and organising key aspects of the camp schedule. You’ll be the engine-room of the whole programme, ensuring everything runs like clockwork and everyone is prepared and informed, enabling you all to deliver an exceptional experience to our players. You’ll also be the key contact between the head-office and the camp, submitting reports and communicating effectively. You’ll ensure we have all the information needed to run our airport transfer service and take pride in exceptional organisational accuracy. Candidates suited to this role may be university students or those in a relevant work-field who are highly organised and motivated, excellent with a spreadsheet and never miss a beat.


The centre manager runs the show. With overall responsibility for the running of the camp venue you will liaise with the teaching, coaching and pastoral team to ensure the smooth running of all the camps on-site. Candidates are chosen for their experience and expertise in management and supervising young people in large numbers. You will have the autonomy to decide how the camp is run, rota and mentor staff, and will work closely with the Head of Operations to maintain the highest standards of camp delivery. You will champion the ethos of the whole camp and will be an energising and motivating force for both the players and the staff. This role is suited to great leaders, school teachers, particularly heads of department, and those with experience working in similar fields.


As a qualified sports-therapist you will support our players in their sports coaching sessions and deliver ‘clinics’ for any players requiring sports therapy. You will be available during training sessions in case of injury and will advise players and staff on the best course of treatment. You will document and report all injuries and treatment and liaise with the other teams on-site to ensure everyone is informed to provide the best possible care to players on the camp. Some sports therapists roles can be non-residential and others can also involve pastoral care duties as part of your residential role.


Applicants submit an application form along with supporting documentation to recruitment@cmtlearning.com, putting "Application" in the subject line. Please read instructions for applications before completing your application.

Successful applicants are then invited for a telephone interview. The final stage of the recruitment process is an invitation to attend a group assessment day. Here candidates will demonstrate their aptitude for the role while gaining practical experience and receiving appropriate training with a view to employment.