Our camps are designed to empower young people, letting them enjoy some freedom and sense of personal responsibility while playing sport, learning and living with new friends from different countries. We aim to create a positive learning environment for everyone, and part of that means that we lay down boundaries, just as parents do at home.

Below you will find a list of things that will help to achieve a positive learning environment on camp. Please ask a member of staff if you do not understand them.

  • No drinking alcohol or smoking.

  • No drugs other than those checked in to our staff for medicinal purposes.

  • Players must stay on campus at all times other than when accompanied by an adult with expressed permission.

  • Players must respect others space and not go into restricted areas – which are all clearly marked out by our staff.

  • We ask players to keep their rooms tidy enough to allow access by the cleaners and to respect ours and the venue’s property. Any property damage will be charged back to parents.

  • Bad behaviour has many forms (fighting, bullying, harassing, stealing, damaging property etc.). We make it very clear to players who break the rules that their behaviour is not acceptable to us . If it is repeated, we will ask them to leave the camp.