"Consistently outstanding" BAC Inspection Report 2016

Summer 2016 saw our re-inspection by the British Accreditation Council. We’ve just received their inspection report and we’ve met all of their 22 relevant standards along with a glowing report of all aspects of our camps. We are now fully accredited for the next four years.

The British Accreditation Council was set up in 1984 to provide a comprehensive quality assurance scheme for independent further education providers in the UK. The council’s accreditation is now recognised worldwide as a leading mark of quality in the private education sector.

In addition, having BAC accreditation means that players who require a VISA to enter the UK can apply for a VISA to attend our camps. Being able to welcome players from across the globe on our programs is fundamental to one of the many things that makes our camps exceptional – a truly international and multicultural experience.

We have some talented and dedicated staff who help us continually meet and exceed our very high standards. This has been well recognised in our inspection report and we’re thankful to everyone from the Euro Sports Camps team who has contributed to our success.


Inspection results...

Take a look at the full inspection report HERE (written under our official company name, CMT Learning) or, if you’re short of time, we’ve summarised some of the best bits below. The inspector visited Nike Tennis Camps at The National Tennis Centre and Nike Football Camps at Lancing College during the 3-day inspection process.

Euro Sports Camps Operations Director and Football Director with our BAC inspector

On teamwork…
“An outstanding aspect of the provision is the way in which three separate and distinct teams - teachers, administrators and welfare staff - coordinate operations seamlessly for the maximum benefit and welfare of players. This was observed at Lancing College and the National Tennis Centre.”

On staffing and welfare…
“Staffing levels are exceptionally high with separate English teaching, sports coaching and pastoral teams, most of whom remain in the residential accommodation on site to help players. Having these teams on site helps maximise the quality of welfare and safeguarding on site.”

“The level of supervision is exceptional, with very good staff to player ratio at all times, especially the evenings.”

“High standards of student welfare with a particularly high regard to safeguarding.”

On English lessons and sports coaching…
“Three English lessons, of which two were sports-related and one was general, were observed. The standard of teaching and learning was consistently outstanding, with high regard to individualised learning.

Active participation takes place in both sports coaching and English lessons. The senior management have made considerable efforts to bring the English and sports curricula closer together. This is now an outstanding feature of the curriculum.”

On assessment and feedback…
“The assessment and feedback on players' progress is exceptionally well-coordinated and managed. The scheduled entry and exit tests, used as a basis to provide final personal feedback and certification, is an exceptional good feature for short courses of this nature. Players are always made fully aware of their progress both in the sport and English. This is done through a simple but highly effective tracking system, which, augmented by the exit test, provides excellent terminal assessment and feedback to help players in their future education.”

On activities and excursions…
"Social activities are very well planned to maximise the social, cultural, sporting and linguistic development of the players."

On facilities…
"Excellent indoor and outdoor facilities very well maintained and supervised at all venues"

"Both locations visited were exceptionally spacious for the numbers of players recruited. Guidance before and during the programmes is of high quality. This is backed up by high quality staff expertise and experience."


We're delighted with the inspector's feedback but this doesn't mean we can now sit back - we're working hard to ensure we continue providing the highest quality sports and language camps for all our players.