Nike Football Camps Goalkeeping Coach


When it comes to goalkeeping training on football camps, there aren’t many people who do what we do. To us it’s obvious that if you come on a football camp there needs to be specific training for goalkeepers as the position requires a very specific set of skills compared to out-field positions. However, it doesn’t seem that young goalkeepers always get the tailored training they need on residential summer camps. Our goalkeeping coach Jack Fagan tells us about the goalkeeper training on Nike Football Camps

How does the goalkeeping training work on Nike Football Camps?

During training sessions the goalkeepers usually work in small groups of approximately 6-7 players depending on how many goalkeepers we have one the course. Depending on the course that you choose, there will be at least 8 hours of specialist training each week. Players also have the opportunity to play in goal during the match-related activities.


Who runs the goalkeeper training session?

We have specialist goalkeeping coaches who hold an FA Level 2 Goalkeeper qualification or higher, with some also being UEFA qualified. They also hold outfield qualifications along with other sports qualifications which we feel is really important.

What specific areas of goalkeeping will be covered during the programme?

The great thing about the camps is that we get to work with the players nearly every day, so we can cover lots of elements including handling, shot stopping, taking crosses, footwork, distribution and positioning. The programme for the camp is very similar to what BHAFC academy players will follow and is sure to be fun as well as challenging.   

What kinds of things do you need to be practising to become a great goalkeeper?

The biggest advice I have been given is to continue to work hard and enjoy being a goalkeeper. There are lots things you can practice on your own like footwork patterns or distribution techniques which are a big parts of goalkeeping.

What qualities and attributes do you look for in a top junior goalkeeper?

Firstly do they love being a goalkeeper? As it’s so important they enjoy it. Other than that there are a lot of technical and physical attributes we look for such as agility, reaction time and having a good physical frame. Most importantly are they willing to learn and work hard? 

Who would you say is currently the best goalkeeper in the world and why? 

For me, David de Gea is currently the one I like watching the most because he makes many important saves at vital times and is also so calm with all of his actions which must help his teammates greatly. It’s so important to have such a confident goalkeeper that they can trust.